My Summer Essentials – 2015 Edition

July 7, 2015

The warm sun on your skin. The feeling after you jump off the boat into the cool lake. The s’mores that are so melty and gooey you just can’t help but want another before you’ve even finished the one you have. Summer is my second favorite season (next to fall, of course). It’s sunny and usually beautiful. It brings a bounty of fresh produce and delicious salads are a must. When thinking of my summer essentials, I was momentarily caught off guard. What do I use in the summer? Here’s my list of favorites.


White Tee

Gotta have my white tee. It’s loose fitting and flowy which is perfect for both comfort and style.


Oh how I love these. They don’t necessarily look like the sweatpant materials you’re used to so it’s totally fine to wear them in public. Score.

Playa TOMS

These are my go-to for the Farmer’s Market. They are cute and colorful but also comfortable. Seeing a trend here?


I never want to do my hair so just throwing this on is the best summer hair-do I’ve got going for me.

Drink Pitcher

I love this drink dispenser, it’s perfect for making a Stoli Doli (which I enjoyed over the Fourth).

Sea Salt Texture Spray

This spray, while discontinued, is my favorite. It smells heavenly and gives my curls just what they need for a beachy look.

Whale Decor

My home is decorated in a calm, nautical style and I’ve wanted this whale piece since it hit Target’s store. We’ll see.

Beach Bag

To go back to the coastal feel, we’ve got this adorable beach bag. Do. Want.

What are some of your summer essentials?

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