Moodboard Monday // Neon Summer

May 18, 2015

Summer brings warm and bright colors back to the forefront of life. From fashion to design, you’ll see the neons start poping up more and more. I’ve got a client who is looking for just that. A bright fun and feminine brand with an active twist. Here is the fun moodboard I put together. Enjoy!




Free Printable Bridal Shower Planning Kit

May 5, 2015

I recently helped plan my cousin Paige’s bridal shower. It was such a fun party that I thought I’d share what I used to plan it. After searching the web for planning tools, I found that nothing really had what I was looking for. So I created my own. And now I’m going to share it with you, in case you’re looking for the same thing!


In this free printable bridal shower planning kit, you’ll find…

  • Planning timeline
  • Planning document
  • Guest list
  • To-Do list

What’s even better? It’s an editable PDF, so you can fill it out on your computer and print it off!

Download the Free Bridal Shower Planning Kit

I hope you enjoy this bridal shower planning kit. I did!


Rustic Garden Party Bridal Shower

May 3, 2015

Last weekend, we threw a shower for my cousin Paige. It was absolutely beautiful. Every one of my fellow cousins, sister, mom and aunts had a hand in making it a very memorable bridal shower.

We themed it around the bride-to-be. Paige had wanted a barn wedding, so we threw her something close to that as a bridal shower.

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Spring Clean: Closet Audit Checklist

April 21, 2015

I don’t know about you but in the past I’ve purchased too many clothes than I care to disclose that I never ended up wearing. They either went on eBay or to Goodwill. And I cringe as I write this thinking about that.

Spring Clean


On Sunday, I tidied up our closet at home and realized many items I didn’t even touch, look at, or think about this winter season! So after realizing that, I decided to empty the closet completely. I then looked at each item with an internal checklist of items.

  • Did I wear this?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Does it still fit?
  • Is it out of fashion?
  • Where can I wear this item?

Question Everything

I also looked at the items I recently purchased (thanks Lily Pulitzer and Target) and asked the same questions. It turns out that a ton of my clothes either didn’t fit, weren’t comfortable, or could only be worn specific places.


I highly recommend you try this method, it worked great for me. Especially with the warm weather coming.

Create Your Seasonal Shopping List

After you’ve picked the pieces you know you’ll wear and like, it’s time to assess what you’ll need. Shopping with intention is so much more rewarding. Make a list of items you now need. For me it was,

  • Black shorts
  • Denim shorts
  • Pattern blouse
  • Neutral blazer
  • Pointed toe flats

Printable Closet Audit Checklist

To make it easy, I’ve created an editable PDF that you can download, check off boxes/ add text, and print as a reminder of what to look for!





Launched // Rebranding CleanerB

April 2, 2015


I got the call on my honeymoon. B and I were just lazing around the AirBnB space we had rented and so I answered the phone. It was a potential new client that was interested in am estimate. I was so excited that I forgot to mention that I was on vacation. But for the last (almost) year, we’ve been working hard on her brand and website. What started out as a website refresh has turned into a full rebrand. It’s been a blast.

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