Spring Clean: Closet Audit Checklist

April 21, 2015

I don’t know about you but in the past I’ve purchased too many clothes than I care to disclose that I never ended up wearing. They either went on eBay or to Goodwill. And I cringe as I write this thinking about that.

Spring Clean


On Sunday, I tidied up our closet at home and realized many items I didn’t even touch, look at, or think about this winter season! So after realizing that, I decided to empty the closet completely. I then looked at each item with an internal checklist of items.

  • Did I wear this?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Does it still fit?
  • Is it out of fashion?
  • Where can I wear this item?

Question Everything

I also looked at the items I recently purchased (thanks Lily Pulitzer and Target) and asked the same questions. It turns out that a ton of my clothes either didn’t fit, weren’t comfortable, or could only be worn specific places.


I highly recommend you try this method, it worked great for me. Especially with the warm weather coming.

Create Your Seasonal Shopping List

After you’ve picked the pieces you know you’ll wear and like, it’s time to assess what you’ll need. Shopping with intention is so much more rewarding. Make a list of items you now need. For me it was,

  • Black shorts
  • Denim shorts
  • Pattern blouse
  • Neutral blazer
  • Pointed toe flats

Printable Closet Audit Checklist

To make it easy, I’ve created an editable PDF that you can download, check off boxes/ add text, and print as a reminder of what to look for!





Launched // Rebranding CleanerB

April 2, 2015


I got the call on my honeymoon. B and I were just lazing around the AirBnB space we had rented and so I answered the phone. It was a potential new client that was interested in am estimate. I was so excited that I forgot to mention that I was on vacation. But for the last (almost) year, we’ve been working hard on her brand and website. What started out as a website refresh has turned into a full rebrand. It’s been a blast.

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Lemon & Lapis

9 Instagramers You Need To Follow Right Now

February 26, 2015

Instagram is full of inspiration and fun. And plenty of jealousy, guilt, and “why didn’t I like of that.” These people are some of my favorite instagramers and I think you should just quick add them to your feed. They inspire me and motivate me to try new and interesting things.

1 // Minimalist Designer and Art Director, Breanna Rose

For the last 3 years, I’ve followed Breanna’s blog with such excitement. I love her style and the simplicity and beauty of her design. It inspires me to always think in more of a minimalist tone when designing.

2 // Momma-Designer-Photographer-Puppy Lover, Poppy Designs

ami is simply amazing. As a friend you know she’ll support you. As a momma, you know she’ll do the right thing. She is both a phenominal designer and photographer! Trust me, you’ll want to get on her waiting list for photos. Just check out her photos. ‘Nuff said.

3 // Iron(wo)man, erin klegstad

Sure, she is a friend. And sure I love how her photos motivate me to put in my measly 30 minutes while she goes all non-stop swimbikerun. This girl is fearless and doesn’t give up on her dreams. It’s so fun to watch her train!

4 // Colorful and Witty, Emily Ley

Just giving birth to two adorable twins, Emily is yet again one up’ing. With her bright and colorful design asethic, how can you not love her instantly? She’s also the creator of the Simplified Planner. Damn, she’s awesome!

5 // Health-Nut Foodies, Prescribe Nutrition

These holistic nutritionists are my favorite duo. They’ve made their goal to educate people on how nutrition fits into your whole being. How cool is that? Plus if you look closely to the photo, I designed that document to the left. Neat, huh?

6 // Wedding Designer + Stylist Extraordinaire, Kylie Swanson

All of her photos will have you wishing you could re-do your wedding or how to make her style part of your day. The photos are breath taking, the design makes you happy, and in general, she’s got a fresh perspective.

7 // Minimalist Interior Designer + Blogger, thedesignchaser

She has 53,000 followers for a reason. Her clean design style mixed with the fresh greens spread throughout her photos makes you want to step through your phone and into her space. It feels serene!

8 // Blogger and New Mom, Aubrey Kinch

Aubrey is a self-proclaimed instagram addict and her cute baby girl has taken over her instagram feed. NO complaints here. I love me some cute baby! I just love how bright and colorful her photos are.

9 // Adorable Doxie, Musings Of Mia

Snuggling with a doxie is the best and she looks like a fantastic snuggler. She is always fancy and looking for a show. A must-follow for puppy dog lovers like me!

Who are some of your recommended Instagramers that I should follow?

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