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April 21, 2017

You know those times when you find an app or resource of any kind that blows your mind and you want to tell everyone to download/use it? Well, I feel that way about Tinybeans. I also feel that about cookies. But that’s a different story.

What is Tinybeans? 

I remember when I was pregnant, I decided to make a concerted effort to not be uber annoying and post photos constantly of Grace on Facebook (alas I still do that a lot). I wanted somewhere that I could be obnoxious about posting a million photos for those who want to see her a lot (our close family).

Originally, I wanted to just use the shared folders built into the iPhone. But B and various other family members don’t have iPhones and wouldn’t be able to contribute or see them.

Tinybeans was mentioned at a new-mom group I had attended. It’s an app where you can post photos and videos that are accessed invite-only! You then invite whomever you want to be able to view the photos and video via email or they can download the app and look at all the photos at once.

5 reasons I freaking love this app

  1. Easy to use. I get reminded every day to take a photo. And because of that, Grace has had her photo taken every single day of her life. Coming up on 12 months old, I’m so happy this happened. Whether or not that is something she’ll thank me for one day, has yet to be determined.
  2. Stay in touch. Breon’s mom lives in Michigan and my Grandma lives in Florida half the year. They don’t get to see Gracie all that often. But with this app, Grace appears every day in Grandma Linda’s and GG’s email.
  3. Go back in time. I love love love getting a blast from the past and seeing baby Grace from when she was born and how she has grown. It’s crazy to me that after only 11 months how different she is now. Her personality has been forming but to see how small she was, blows my mind!
  4. Mark milestones. I have to admit as time has gone by, I’ve forgotten to mark milestones. But this app allows you to add those in when they happen! I have instant gratification if I am trying to remember when she did something new.
  5. Comments. I love how my family comments and we have our own little commentary about the things she’s doing and how funny her faces are. They are something I look forward to seeing every morning!

It’s a free app so if you’re a new mom or even a seasoned pro, this app could make documenting your child’s life all that more fun! I love it.

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