This Baby Staple Is The Worst, Trust Me

October 5, 2016

When you’re pregnant, there are a lot of things to think and worry about. Is the baby kicking enough? Should I be doing kick counts even though my doctor told me not to? When should we register? What should we register for? Why is everything so expensive? That was me literally thinking about pregnancy and baby prep for all of 30 seconds.


When you have the baby, there is never ending worry coupled with advice on advice on advice on everything! From sleeping to eating to clothing. Trust me. I feel I have read it all. But there is ONE thing that really really pisses me off, mom friends. Yeah I’m calling ALLLL of you out! Why didn’t you warn me about this? Why did you let me spend money on this? Why did you get me gifts of this? WHYYYYYYYYY? 

Snap pajamas are #TheWorst AND they should be in the 8th circle of hell

Think I’m being dramatic? Okay, let me play out a typical scene in my house during most nights (with a snap PJ as the star of the show).

buymemeIt’s 7:15pm and we just got done with a favorite, bath time. YAY! It’s followed by the oh so delicious bottle. All smiles and happiness. Then we put on the lotions and the ointments (baby eczema is no joke, people). Then it’s diaper time. By this time she’s not so happy anymore. Who wants to wear a diaper when you can just be naked? I get it sweetie pie, but you gots to wear the diaper! So now we get to the part where I put nice, warm pajamas on my sweet little four month old. And she loses it. 

  1. The damn snaps take forever. We are talking like a minute and she’s crying even with the pacifier in her mouth.
  2. If you miss one or two snaps you have to start over.
  3. You might just say “F*ck it” and hand her to dad with misplaced snaps.
  4. You might then decide one night that those snap PJs make a wonderful fire starter.

I digress.


We’ve put a no-snap ban on our household. Screw ’em AND whoever invented them! #LongLiveTheZipper

If you are pregnant, don’t get them. If you are getting a gift for a pregnant or adopting family, get ZIPPERS! For the love of God, GET ZIPPERS!

This PSA brought to you by a sleep deprived mom. And, for real, it’s mostly a joke. But I really do prefer zippers!


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  • Reply Katie October 6, 2016 at 12:42 am

    bless you. and your hubby. and that lil cutie. (and I’ll be sure never to buy snaps off a registry).

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