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September 11, 2011

I laugh… a lot [maybe a bit too much some times]. A friend used to call me “little miss giggles” because when I would laugh at something I found extremely funny, it [the laughing] could go on for 30+ seconds. Now, just think, 30 seconds is a long time to remain laughing. But it is one of my favorite things. I love life and I love to laugh. I hope we can laugh together on my journey down the road of blogging.

I will be covering a plethora of topics ranging from photography, blogging, fashion, and travel. All-in-all it should be an awesome ride.

A little background on me.

I live in St. Paul, Minnesota. I love Minnesota. It’s not that bad people, I promise. In fact, Chris Hardwick said that we have an amazing cultural atmosphere here. [Sweet, right?] I work for Anytime Fitness. I am a communications and design specialist, with a photographer title mixed in there. I manage the blog at Anytime Health– and I love it. Health has become a huge part in my life ever since starting at Anytime Fitness about a year ago. The culture at the office is unmatched. I love being entertained, whether that is music, movies, comedy shows, or whatever. I love my boyfriend, Breon. He is the bestest [I am sure you’ll get to know him].

Amanda Ingle | Miss Giggles | Lifestyle Blog

We have a long journey and I don’t want to get long winded; you’ll get to know me pretty quick. I wear my heart on my sleeve, for better or for worse. Look for awesomeness to come! If you have questions, contact me at amandacingle [at] gmail [dot] com or hit me up on twitter @amandaingle

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