Week 30-34 // Pregnancy Update

April 20, 2016

It’s been awhile. A lot has been going on folks. But generally all is well and I’m feeling great. I can’t believe that in 39-ish days we’ll be parents. Every kick and every hiccup brings me joy and such excitement. I can’t wait to meet her and see who/what she looks like. She is already beautiful to me. We’ve been jamming to Death Cab for Cutie, Sublime, and Beyonce in the car on the way to work so she can get some good music in her before arriving.

  • Length: 17 inches
  • Weight: ~4 pounds
  • Fruit Size: Cabbage
  • Geek Size: Basketball hoop

*Based on 34 weeks.

  • Grace is heads down for now but who knows if that will last…hopefully it does.
  • A mean case of the heartburn. Whatcha gonna do?
  • Getting up and moving is hard – the struggle is real you guys.

Week 30-34

Feeling: Good. It is getting harder to get around and move but generally I feel great. I also feel incredibly blessed. We had the first shower last weekend and we got so many wonderful and needed items from our family. I can’t believe how generous everyone is.

Nursery: The nursery is almost done and i’m in love. It’s exactly what I was hoping for. I have a few more decor items to purchase but thanks to my amazing mom and step-dad we have a crib and mattress. It’s absolutely a great room that will grow with her. Major props to B for doing all the hard work.

Shopping: I can’t help myself sometimes baby clothing and gear is too cute to pass up. Here are some recent purchases along with things that are still on the wish list. 🙂

shoppingSleep: I’m sleeping well still. The nice cool breeze that comes in at night really helps and we did turn the air on earlier this week (GASP). I feel that getting out of bed is the hardest part. HA! Also we have a neighbor that has car issues or is missing his exhaust and I get really annoyed when he rips down the street at 4:30am every day. I think once the baby comes, if that’s still an issue we’ll have to talk to them. I can’t imagine how angry I’d be if we just got her to sleep and she woke up because of that dang car.

Symptoms: Heartburn, check. Swelling, check. Slow to move, check. Okay that last one isn’t a technical symptom but it seriously it’s putting a damper on my normal level of activity.

Movement: She has been active and getting hiccups daily. I think it’s absolutely adorable that she has hiccups. I just love feeling that. When she doesn’t move, I do get anxious. We had an ultrasound last week and were able to see her face and she was in there sucking on her thumb and it was amazing. She has features, you guys.

Best of the Week:

  • Week 30: We moved out of our hastings office and moved into a new building on April 4. It is amazing.
  • Week 31: Tried my hand at dying fabric and a burp cloth. Super easy and tons of fun. Be careful, it’s addicting.
  • Week 32: B got an awesome gig working with Evolve Labs. I’m so proud of him.
  • Week 33: Seeing baby girl in the ultrasound sucking her thumb and our first baby shower.
  • Week 34: Hiccups, all day, erry day.

Goal: Don’t buy anything for baby until after showers. Okay… after today. For real.

Other ongoings:
I have to go through my photos to remember. Here are some things we’ve been busy with…

  • Date nights. We need to go on more before she arrives!
  • Wall weaving. I’ve been spending a lot of time creating wall weaves for various people and it’s just plain fun and relaxing for me.
  • Drastically reduced my commute time by half now that we are working in Woodbury! YAY!
  • Trying (key word) to walk more.
  • Visited with a pediatrician and really liked her!
  • Going to Minnebar this weekend. Excited but we’ll see how long I last before getting tired.
  • Working with 3 clients on web and branding projects. Having a blast with each one. 🙂

Articles I read:

What to Buy for a Baby
Meal Prep (gotta make some freezer meals)
MMM… Naturally Flavored Water
Fun DIY Bookcase

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