Week 24-27 // Pregnancy Update

March 1, 2016


Hello everyone! 89 days until May 30 arrives. Don’t be fooled, I fully realize it could be more or less days depending on when she decides she is ready to join the world and until she does, I’m just going to keep my pillows close and my water bottle full. On to the update!

  • Length: 15 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Fruit Size: Bunch of bananas
  • Geek Size: Camping lantern

*Based on 27 weeks.

  • Grace is opening and closing her eyes with ease.
  • Her brain is developing at a rapid pace, reading itself to control her own body.
  • Swimming is good for mom in the third trimester (I swam on Sunday).

Week 24 – 27

Feeling: I’m feeling good. I have caught a cough so I am hoping that lots of water gets rid of that quickly.

Health: I swam on Sunday and even though I felt like a whale (LOL), it was so refreshing to get back in the water and swim laps. I love swimming so much and grace seemed to like it too…put her right into a nap. Or at least I assume since she didn’t move much. I have the gestational diabetes test on Friday morning so I am hoping that goes well.

Maternity Clothes: I have them. I wear them. I am sick of them.


Nursery: Breon has painted the trim and walls. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I am so glad we picked Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams! It’s a stunning, neutral gray. Next, B will be painting the door and closet doors. And then furniture! So excited.

Sleep: Ugh. Well because I’m sick I’m only able to focus on last night’s sleep and that sort of sucked. But generally I’m sleeping okay. I need multiple pillows positioned to be comfortable and I move a few times a night.

Symptoms: Generally everything is good. She is growing so it’s putting a lot of pressure on my organs but I feel good-ish!

Movement: B finally felt Grace kick on February 23rd! It’s so awesome because his eyes became huge.

Best of the Week:

  • Week 24: Started a wall weaving for the nursery.
  • Week 25: Tested samples on the wall and chose a color.
  • Week 26: Shopping for fabrics for a few cousin sewing projects.
  • Week 27: (Thus far) Her kicking me like crazy.

Goals: Eat especially healthy this week because of the gestational diabetes test on Friday am.

Worries: When she doesn’t move for a while, I get nervous.

Other ongoings: I’m really trying to do things that I won’t be able to do when she gets here like just leave the house and go shopping or go to a coffee shop and just sit and work. Also working on some artwork for Grace’s room.

Week 21 – 23 // Pregnancy Update

February 10, 2016

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make it back here weekly and as much as I would like to blame the excuse “I’m just too darn busy…” I can’t. I have time, it’s just that these days I am really really lazy. I hope you understand. And I didn’t take a picture. I will work on that for the next update.

  • Length: 11 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Fruit Size: Romaine Lettuce
  • Geek Size: Barbie Doll
  • Bebe may start hiccuping, causing jerking motions.
  • Fingers and toes are full formed – with fingerprints!
  • Pain in mom’s back and hips may increase (YUP).
enjoying a chocolate croissant and latte at rustica bakery; sen napping; adorable baby books; my new office building (moving in April)

Week 21 – 23

Feeling: I’m feeling great. A little tired here and there but generally still feeling good.

Health: I worked out last weekend and it felt good. It’s easy to push it aside with everything else going on, so I know I need to make it more of a priority. Had an OB appointment on Monday where my blood pressure was up… wasn’t happy about that. I have been checking it every morning and night this week and it’s been pretty good. Hoping that it’s nothing.

Maternity Clothes: Ugh. My coat doesn’t fit anymore but I REALLY don’t want to get another. A co-worker suggested checking out Burlington Coat Factory, so I might try that. I’m going to stop in at H&M tonight and see if they have any thing cute and cheap-ish for maternity.

Pinning: All the baby nursery things I can find. We are getting some great ideas from Pinterest. Isn’t this adorable?

Sleep: Excellent. Puppy woke up with a stomach ache last night but other than that generally good. Sleeping with an added pillow between legs for added support. I’m tempted to get one of those body pillow things. Just trying to save up right now.

Symptoms: Everything is stretching (round ligament pain) so it can be painful at times no matter what I do.

Movement: Felt movement exactly at week 21 while watching a Doctor Who episode. 🙂 Very exciting. She has been moving a bit but dad (B) still hasn’t felt her. So hopefully she’ll really get going once she gets bigger so he can feel her. AWW…she just kicked as I was typing this. Cutie.

Best of the Week:

  • Week 21: Feeling her move
  • Week 22: Getting paint samples to start testing on the nursery
  • Week 23: Registering for all the necessary baby things

Goals: Watch my sugar intake. Only get (decalf) latte’s once or twice a week, you know, instead of every day. Damn you, Salted Vanilla Latte’s at Caribou.

Worries: High blood pressure. Gestational diabetes test in a month.

Dreaming: I’m craving a trip somewhere warm, go figure. It’s about this time every year that I want to get the hell out of the tundra for at least a few days and soak up some sun. Oh well. Next year maybe!

10 Baby Rompers To Drool Over

February 2, 2016

As I have been preparing the nursery, registering for baby gear, and “oohing and ahhing” over baby clothes, the one item that I have to say is the cutest, most adorable are rompers. I just love them. I can just imagine that baby Grace will look so cute in them. Here are 10 that I am IN HEART with right now. Give me some more recommendations in the comments!

I promise to do another pregnancy update soon. Sorry, I already broke my one per week rule!

Links to each romper are listed below.


12 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Week 20

January 18, 2016

This was a week full of amazing, fun surprises as we found out the gender on Monday. And some surprises that were kind of scary. Sen wasn’t feeling well at all on Thursday night and we brought her to the doggy ER. More on that below.

Bebe Details

  • Length: 10 inches
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Fruit Size: Banana
  • Geek Size: Swingline Stapler
  • Bebe has a visibly straight spine now.
  • Tooth buds are forming.
  • Mama is producing extra red blood cells for both of us.
Week 20

Week 20

There is a lot to update you on since this is my first update on being pregnant. I don’t feel though that you need to know it all (nor do you really care all that much) so I’ll try to simplify as much as possible.

The first trimester kind of sucked… obviously I was ecstatic that we got pregnant and I know that others have difficulty with it. But for me the first part was hard. I was constantly exhausted, constipated (TMI?), didn’t “feel good,” and in general ate like terrible, really really terrible. But I kept telling myself if I can just keep it down, who cares if I eat McDonalds a couple of times during this pregnancy. I only got sick a couple of times so that was good. There was fun stuff that accompanied. The first and second ultrasound. We were lucky and got to see bebe at week 12 too.

Going into the second trimester, all of my symptoms started to go away but now without those issues constantly around I didn’t really feel pregnant. I didn’t look pregnant, just bloated. I didn’t have those symptoms annoying me and telling me everything is kinda normal so I tried to let it go. In general, this second part has been awesome. I’m trying to remain calm when faced with weird body stuff that happens but sometimes it’s hard not to turn to the internet. I will continue to practice just going with the flow. So that about catches you up to now…

Week 20

Feeling: I’m grateful that I’m finally at a place where I feel GOOD. Plus we got to find out the gender this week so I was feeling on cloud nine.

Health: I’m not super happy with weight gain. I feel I have gained too much. I need to reign in the eating habits as well as kick start my exercising again. I worked out this week and did a prenatal strength workout.


Maternity Clothes: Yes. Leggings and leggings. I love them. I have one pair of maternity jeans I also love from Tarjay.

Pinning: Baby nursery ideas. I have no clue yet what I want because mostly I want it all. I love the idea of going simple but I also LOVE the idea of going BRIGHT colors. ACK.

Sleep: Excellent. The midnight potty trips have slowed unless I’m doing those in my sleep!


Symptoms: Appetite increase (which doesn’t help the health thing) and some minor hip and pelvic pain but that’s normal since everything is still growing.

Movement: Not yet (#bummed). It turns out that I have a front (anterior) placenta which means that I won’t get to feel too much movement. Doc says I should feel something by week 24. Fingers crossing.

What I Miss: A good cold beer. But it’s not a big deal, it just always sounds good. Generally though, this stage has been fun and I don’t miss much.


Best of the Week: Finding out we’re having a girl. I thought for sure it was a little boy but guess I was wrong. This little girl is going to be so loved and I can’t wait to meet her … in 20 weeks… you stay put little girl!

Fail: I haven’t been taking weekly pictures. I know this sounds dumb but I really hate the way I look. NOT ideal and so I have shied away from cameras. I should just do it so I can look back.

Goals: Eat healthier meals this week. Watch my sugar intake. Exercise at least 2 times.


In Other News: We had to take the Sen Puppy Dog to the doggy ER on late Thursday night because she had thrown up all her food and wasn’t acting normal. She wouldn’t lay down, she was yelping if we touched her in certain spots, and was swollen. She ended up being okay and they gave her meds. She seems to be fine now so we’re just glad she was okay.