Fifty Shades of Grey Cast

This is who I see when I read Fifty Shades of Grey.


Anastasia Steele: Alexis Bledel
Christian Grey: Mathew Bomer
Katherine Kavenaugh: Emma Roberts
Taylor: Tom Hardy
Jose: David Wayman
Ray: Scott Patterson
Carla: Kim Delaney
Bob: Mat Malloy
Dr. Grace Trevelyn Grey: Julianne Moore
Carrick Grey: Colin Firth
Elliot Grey: Jamie Dorman
Mia Grey: Summer Glau
Dr. Flynn: Patrick Kennedy
Mrs. Jones: Maddie Corman
Elena: Diane Lane
Ethan Kavenaugh: Garrett Hedlund
Jack Hyde: Patrick Who

“What is it about elevators?” Fifty Shades of Grey is taking the world by storm with its impressive climb to the top of the book chain. Many have called it “mom porn.” And while, I agree with those who say that, I still think it has an interesting story with very intriguing characters.

The only qualm I have about this book and others like it (Twilight) are that they have an over-idealized . How many 27-year old, super attractive men are billionaire CEOs? But it’s not just that, it’s the way he is.

I am aware that there probably are a few guys out there that have similar characteristics and personality traits, but my problem lies with false hope for the women reading this book.

During the reading of this book, some women are comparing their significant other or future partner to him. And that is just not fair to our men. They are wonderful and they don’t deserve to be compared to Christian.

Just a reminder, he is a fictional character! However, the condo, on the other hand is not fictional…it’s for sale! Check out these photos.

Dislclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored by anyone, nor do I know if they are actually making a book, I just wanted to showcase who I think would be perfect for the roles.

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23 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey Cast

    1. ayana

      I completely agree, I adore this cast. they all seem to fit the role perfectly!! I hooooope they select these people!!!

  1. Karen

    This is the perfect cast!!!!!!!!!! Put it up on Facebook and get tons of people to like it and I bet Hollywood would at least see it and get some ideas!!!!!

  2. Katie

    I read all three of Thanksgiving break and didn’t quite see what all the fuss was about. However the reason I read them was because I saw a fake movie preview starring Alexis and Matt and love them both! It will be interesting to see what the movie(s)? are like. I am sure I’ll attend with my girlfriends who I watched all the twilight movies with, but for me its more about the bonding with friends than swooning over characters.

    1. amanda Post author

      After seeing a Crazy Stupid Love, I realized Julianne Moore plays a great mom. I don’t know if she is technically old enough…but I think she would be a wonderful Grace.

  3. Laura

    I think you have it spot on here I love the line up you’ve got. Alexis and Matt would be perfect also Tom Hardy as Taylor very nice!

    1. Lin

      I only hope people don’t loose interest before the movie actually comes out. Another year and a half is a long time, and then there are two other books that will have to be made. I can’t wait.

  4. Lin

    I really wonder how much skin we will actually see with a NC17 rating. Matt Bomer would be a great Christian Gray, but I really like Ian Somerhalder. He is my favorite. I don’t know Alexia Bledel but she is beautiful and wold make a great Ana. Do these people really want to play the nude scenes described in the book? I would worry about their careers being compared to porn. I didn’t get porn from the book myself. It was very erotic. The cast listed above would be very good. Hope they know the only real stars of the movie are Christian, Ana, and Taylor. The rest are just supporting figures.

  5. Nicole Gipson

    NO DIVERSITY WHATSOEVER! Your imagination is a clone of look-a-likes. Where is the reflection of black, latino, asian or do they not exist in this world?

  6. wickedpixie

    All of them great…but,
    Try Henry Cavill as Christian. Matt Bomer’s gorgeous. But, he’s like 5’7, maybe.
    How about Kellan Lutz as Elliott. Tall, blonde and has that definite bad boy glint in those eyes.
    And Emma Stone as Kate. Strong, confident, and gorgeous…deadly!

  7. Emily

    Really nice selections. Only one I didn’t feel convinced by was your Dr. Flynn; I’d pick someone a bit older and with stronger (more angular) facial features. Wondering whom you would cast as–cannot remember the names–the subs who surface.

  8. Karen

    In loooking at the photos David Wayman doesn’t look like a Jose Rodriguez character. Grace and Carrick should be a little older. Matt and Alexis are PERFECT for Christian and Ana. Everyone else fits the image of the characters.
    I can’t wait for the movie. Keep reading these books over and over. The character of Christian should be rugged, handsome and built. Sure hope they don’t cast a pale-faced girly man for that role.

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