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Fifty Shades of Grey Cast

July 3, 2012

This is who I see when I read Fifty Shades of Grey.


Anastasia Steele: Alexis Bledel
Christian Grey: Mathew Bomer
Katherine Kavenaugh: Emma Roberts
Taylor: Tom Hardy
Jose: David Wayman
Ray: Scott Patterson
Carla: Kim Delaney
Bob: Mat Malloy
Dr. Grace Trevelyn Grey: Julianne Moore
Carrick Grey: Colin Firth
Elliot Grey: Jamie Dorman
Mia Grey: Summer Glau
Dr. Flynn: Patrick Kennedy
Mrs. Jones: Maddie Corman
Elena: Diane Lane
Ethan Kavenaugh: Garrett Hedlund
Jack Hyde: Patrick Who

“What is it about elevators?” Fifty Shades of Grey is taking the world by storm with its impressive climb to the top of the book chain. Many have called it “mom porn.” And while, I agree with those who say that, I still think it has an interesting story with very intriguing characters.

The only qualm I have about this book and others like it (Twilight) are that they have an over-idealized . How many 27-year old, super attractive men are billionaire CEOs? But it’s not just that, it’s the way he is.

I am aware that there probably are a few guys out there that have similar characteristics and personality traits, but my problem lies with false hope for the women reading this book.

During the reading of this book, some women are comparing their significant other or future partner to him. And that is just not fair to our men. They are wonderful and they don’t deserve to be compared to Christian.

Just a reminder, he is a fictional character! However, the condo, on the other hand is not fictional…it’s for sale! Check out these photos.

Dislclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored by anyone, nor do I know if they are actually making a book, I just wanted to showcase who I think would be perfect for the roles.