Creating a Visual Vacation Packing List

September 12, 2012

I don’t know about you but seeing my clothes lying on my bed before leaving on vacation, it usually looks like I am packing too much. If you want to stop doing that, and really who doesn’t, try creating a visual checklist.

My Chicago Packing List

I have the luxury of using photoshop but you don’t need fancy design software to get this look. Check out polyvore. This website has access to all the clothes you need (and the ones you don’t) to represent you wardrobe!

Step One: Figure Out What You Want to Wear

This is the first for a reason. Using polyvore or your closet, you first need an idea of what you want to wear! Find out:

  • Weather
  • Type of Travel
  • Length of Stay
  • Walking/ Non-Walking

After you know the answers to these questions, you’ll know more about what you CAN pack rather than what you WANT to pack. Don’t expect to bring your killer heels on a business trip where you will be walking several blocks between meetings.

Step Two: Organize by Outfit | Day | Type

Everyone has their own organizational style. Personally I mix and match on vacation, so I organize by type with outfits in mind. I recommend you figure out how you see things.

Step Three: Profit

Now that you are prepared, you are less likely to

a) forget anything

b) get a pulled muscle because your bag is too heavy


How do you pack for vacation?

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