Bucket List

Life Experiences

(x) Get married
(x) Have a child (or two)
(  ) Live in another country
(x) Skip school
(x) Dine and Dash
(x) Swim in the ocean
(x) Sang karaoke
(  ) Hot air balloon ride
(x) Sky Diving
(x) Swim with dolphins
(x) Compete in a triathlon


(  ) Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
(  ) Visit a real ‘blues’ bar in Chicago
(x) Visit Canada
(x) Visit Mexico
(x) Visit Florida
(  ) Visit Hawaii
(  ) Girls Only Vacation
(  ) Helicopter ride
(  ) Visit Poland
(x) Visit Washington, DC
(x) Visit Leed’s Castle
(  ) Ride a Gondola in Venice
(  ) Walk down Bourbon Street in New Orleans
(  ) Drive across the United States
(  ) See the Grand Canyon
(x) See the Statue of Liberty
(x) Go to the top of  the Seattle Space Needle
(x) Traveled by train
(x) Go horse back riding
(x) Ride on a San Francisco cable car
(  ) Go to the Olympics
(  ) Walk the Great Wall of China
(x) Go to Westminster Abbey
(x) Go to the Louvre
(  ) Swim in the Mediterranean
(  ) Travel to Reynishverfi, Iceland and see this place


(  ) Build a Habitat for Humanity house
(x) Start my own business
(  ) Attend a Fashion Week
(x) Run a 5K
(x) Taken one picture every day for a year
(  ) Be in a rolling car crash, and live
(x) Paid for a meal with coins only
(  ) See whales in the ocean