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6 Non-Touristy Things to do in Chicago

September 7, 2012

One of the reasons I love to travel is that you can see how other cultures live. And while Chicago is a lot like Minneapolis, it’s got its own uniqueness. After doing some research, I looked for some fun “non-touristy” things to do while I am in Chicago next weekend for the Anytime Fitness Annual Conference. Here is what I found:

Grab a Movie in the Park

During the summer months in Chicago, they host a Movie in the Park nights all over the city! If you are planning a trip soon, they are playing movies through October! Check out their schedule here. According to the website, admission is free, and all movies begin at dusk weather permitting. A free movie date in Chicago…Heck yeah!

Visit the Hideout for Awesome Live Shows

The Hideout is a small live music club that hosts everything from music and theater performances. They also host a killer block party every September! Yelp users speak highly of the place, saying:

“This is the quintessential Chicago bar. If you have friends coming in from out of town and you want to show them a real slice of Chicago away from tourism, this is the bar. I have been going there for years and never had a bad time there.”

The beer is cheap (yet drinkable), the music is good, and it makes you feel at home.

Grab a Morning Workout on North Avenue Beach

Rent a kayak, go beach running, or just sun and swim at this local beach. With plenty of activities available, you won’t get bored here. Spring and fall days can be just as inviting, especially if you like to run (or have a dog or kids that do), want to fly a kite, or go for a bike ride.

Eat Delicious Grub at Heaven on Seven

Located on the seventh floor of the Garland Building, this Heaven on Seven is the original. It’s famous for its spicy Cajun-Creole menu, specializing in breakfast and lunch. It only serves dinner once a month, so you must consider the Michigan Avenue location for an evening meal.

Walk Michigan Ave

Okay so this is a little touristy, but I just love Michigan Ave’s shopping, people watching, and overall appeal. Some of my favorite stores to go to (or glance into) are: Marc Jacobs, NikeTOWN, and Chanel (that is the peer in one because I can’t afford much there). According to Frommers,

The Fourth Presbyterian Church, 126 E. Chestnut St. (close to Michigan Ave), looks like something out of an English country village, with a Gothic stone exterior and a peaceful, flower-filled courtyard.

Visit the Farmers Market

Another fun and free thing to do is visit the farmers markets in places you travel, it’s one of my personal favorites! Downtown travelers are now able to shop for fresh produce and farm products every weekday, rain or shine, at the Farmstand Farmers Market located at 66 E. Randolph St. Open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 3 pm, the new market will offer fresh fruits and vegetables recently picked on nearby farms.

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photo credit: CJ Schmit via photo pin cc

Our (Too Short) Trip to Michigan

July 17, 2012

Ahhh… there is nothing like relaxing in a place with a lack of cell phone reception. You are forced to do things that we once all did. Read. Look out the window. Enjoy life.

I had a blast. We did so much and in only 2 days. Next time we go…more time.

But enough jibber jabber. To the PHOTOS!

We stopped in Petoskey to visit a rally friend and his new endeavor, a micro-brewery. Rightly named, Beards Brewery, they will be the cool place to hit in this serene coastal town in Northern Michigan. And while still under construction, I left knowing that many will have a good time at Beards. Plus, we got to see it first.
Side note: Ben, pullleassse send me some delicious beer!

(I know I am a goof).

We had such a wonderful time, and I can’t wait to go back. I know I will be there in January, for SnoDrift Rally!

Life on Big Pine Key

March 14, 2012

I can say that I am seriously enjoying my time down here. I love that it’s so relaxing!

Here are some photos from the trip thus far. Worry not, I will post more when I return.







the original beachy waves.


Ms. Giggles Loves the Beach

March 13, 2012

And you know what this means? We are in Florida, baby! Enjoying the beach. Love ya! <3, Amanda (aka- MS GIGGLES)