{Photos} California Day 2: Half Moon Bay

After our day in San Francisco, we headed down the coast to Half Moon Bay. It was quite busy (being Labor Day weekend after all), but we were determined to look at our beaches. We looked at about 5 beaches and loved the ones further down the coast but all in all, after the entire trip we decided that Half Moon Bay was just not right for the wedding. We still love the area though!

Must-Do’s in Half Moon Bay

  • Enjoy a drink and dinner at Pasta Moon
  • Grab a coffee at Half Moon Bay Coffee
  • Walk down Main St
  • If you are into golf, check out the many options for golfing
  • Take a book and blanket and relax on Pomponio State Beach
  • Get a massage at the Ritz-Carlton

Montara State Beach half moon bay

Breon at Montara State Beach


Montara State Beach - Beauty

Half Moon Bay Main Street


pasta moon lasanga

half moon bay beach IMG_0669 IMG_0671 IMG_0690

pasta moon half moon bay


IMG_0694  IMG_6812

Up next? Monerey, Carmel, Pebble Beach! Stay tuned!

My Fall To-Do List {September Update}

I am loving fall. This weekend we cleaned, watched my step-sister kick butt at hockey and have dinner with my dad, and went to some open houses in Roseville…all-in-all very successful!

Here is an update on my fall to-do list with some fun photos!


We went apple picking at Afton Apple which was quite busy the day we went so we didn’t spend too much time lollygagging…we grabbed our apples and then went to my mom’s and made apple crisp. It was delicious.







Brat loved the Apple Crisp! 

Breon and I stopped at a few Parade of Homes models and thought they were great (or at least I did)…he, being more of a realist, didn’t really think we should look at houses we can’t afford…touche. So we started looking at houses that we could afford last weekend and continued. It’s kinda fun looking at them and seeing what we can afford!



During our open houses today we looked at a handful of house, non of which shouted awesome at us. They all had certain things we liked but others we didn’t…generally, I find the search fun seeing as we are in NO rush to move out of our apartment. I enjoyed my chai tea during the drive around Roseville!

Don’t really have any ideas what my fall craft should be any ideas? Let me know!

Fashion Friday: Calypso St. Barth Looks for Less

Good morning lovelies. Welcome to FASHION FRIDAY!

Let’s be real. I would love to be able to walk into a Kate Spade or Coach and just buy whatever I want. But I can’t. I am on a budget and I am guessing you are too! But that doesn’t mean you can’t look the part! In Todays, Look for Less we are mimicking an adorable outfit found on Calypso St. Barth! If I could, I think I would buy just about everything on their website…I mean come on it’s adorable and totally my style! This look brings together the boyfriend jean with a slouchy sweater that is just perfect for a weekend outing to the farmer’s market! Instead of going the expensive route, I have done a round-up of similar styles from other brands. Look at this price savings!

Calypso St Barth Look for Less

That is a $1085 savings! Do you know what you could do for $1000 in savings? You could….


Calypso St. Barth Outfit

Look for Less Outfit

What is one thing you will splurge or save on this fall?