7 Amazing Monochromatic Office Chairs

September 24, 2014

Lately, I’ve been quite office obsessed. I have a blank slate of a room to do whatever I want and the opportunities seem to be endless. What is it with humans and indecisiveness? All I know is I want the color to be limited and when there is color it’s beautiful. Here are some grey and white office chair options I’ve been looking at! Enjoy.


Kartell Louis Ghost Chair // Carlisle Dining Chair // Coup Grey Office Chair // SKURVSTA Swivel Chair // LexMod Chair // Pottery Barn Tufted Desk Chair // Ergonomic Mesh Mid-Back Chair



The Procrastinator’s Guide to Moving Quickly

September 22, 2014


If you’ve ever moved you know that it’s a long, not-so-fun process. There’s a lot of packing, wondering why you have so much stuff, and potentially breaking your treasures. So it’s not surprising that we procrastinate on preparing. If you find yourself in this position right now, here’s your guide to ‘kick your packing into gear!”

Note: If you’re moving from house to house, this guide might not work so well…depending on how much you have to pack.



1. A little prep work

The first to-do: Figure out how long you have until move-out/move-in day. If you’re a big procrastinator and are moving in the next couple of days and haven’t done anything, I suggest contacting your real estate agent or landlord because you need more time.

But if you are one week out, it’s probably doable (especially for an apartment). For example, you have five days left. I recommend that you look at that as go time! Don’t schedule anything, put your DVR to work (no TV!) and consider taking one or two days off of work.

Using a calendar (I prefer Google Calendar), schedule out your days ahead. Like this:


2. Get Materials

Visit Home Depot or your local grocery/liquor store and get some boxes. If you move often or don’t want to deal with boxes breaking, consider investing in a bunch of sturdy storage bins (like these from Home Depot).

Full Materials Checklist {Download}:


3. Get Comfy

This is important. Grab your favorite and most comfy clothes (that you don’t mind getting grimey) and put on your motivating playlist because now the real work begins.

4. Work Your Way Down

I like to start with the hardest room and work my way down. This would be (in my opinion)…

  • Kitchen
  • Master bedroom
  • Living room
  • Office
  • Closets
  • Bathroom
  • Any other bedrooms or bathrooms
  • Entryway
  • Furniture breakdown (bed, TV stand, etc.)
  • Storage locker (if in an apartment)

Avoid rushing because you think you don’t have enough time. Quickly and efficiently pack your boxes. The last thing you need on moving day is boxes breaking while you’re moving into your new place.

Dedicate a corner of your apartment for finished boxes. Pro tip: Choose an area close to the door where you will move your stuff out. 

Now that you have these four steps, stick to your schedule. Power through and pack!

What Not to Do

  1. Go through old photos and spend hours looking at them laughing.
  2. Stop to watch TV, play video games, or any other form of entertainment.
  3. Throw everything into black bags and pack with duct tape. Tommy Boy style.
  4. Expect help. It’s okay to ask family and friends to help, but don’t expect them to come with smiles; no one likes moving.

What to Do

  1. Purge (Throw. Keep. Give.). When you go through your stuff, you will find items you no longer use. This is where you decide to purge it by selling, giving it away, or throwing.
  2. Sleep. Make sure to get adequate sleep during the weeks of packing so you can maintain energy throughout the day!
  3. Create a cleaning kit. Fill a laundry basket with…
    • Cleaning solution
    • Paper towels
    • Wipes
    • Window cleaner
    • Sharpies
    • Tape
    • Towels
    • Swiffers
  4. Sell all items on Craigslist prior to moving. They’ll be one less thing to pack. If items don’t sell, give them away; you’re obviously not trying to make a profit so they should be easy to give away.

Moving Hacks

  • Consider buying or renting plastic totes to move your stuff. Google “moving totes” to find these in your area. They are sturdier than boxes and are all the same size. It makes it easier to pack the truck and move with a dolly.
  • Use blue tape to tape cupboards that have already been empty. That way everyone knows what’s done and can focus on what’s left.
  • Buy a big roll of bubble wrap… many items need it.
  • Create a first night box.


Further Resources


Download the Full Moving Guide


17 Fab Etsy Wall Art Prints You’ll Love

September 19, 2014


As I start planning out my office, I know I’ll want some kick ass prints for an inspiring and motivating space. I’ve been searching etsy for some fun options. Today, I’ll share some epic prints that you should consider for your own home!

1. Think Less, Live More

2. Keep The Wild In You

3. The Great Lakes 

4. Pitter Patter

5. Custom Typography

6. Oh The Places You’ll Go

7. Do Epic Shit

8. Herb Prints

9. Jackalope with Pink Antlers

10. California Print Set

11. Just Breathe

This one is mine! :)

12. Vogue Cover

13. Paris Je t’aime

14. Blue Octopus

15. Some Things Take Time

16. Geometric Heart

17. Feather Prints

Now all you need to do is find some awesome frames. :)



September 17, 2014

2014-05-18 11.54.26I can barely contain my excitement… from the time I found out and even now I feel so lucky and blessed.


A few months back, I was on POPSUGAR doing some morning blog reading when I saw there was a Smartwater Instagram contest going on. I am always intrigued by contests so I decided to see if it was easy to enter.

Alas, it was.

I decided that for the Smartwater Look Up contest, I would use a photo that I took of downtown Minneapolis. There is an amazing view from the corner by Whole Foods.



I still can’t believe it. Now the hard + fun part…



I’m beyond excited. Breon and I haven’t quite decided where to go yet but we’re thinking a few things. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments!

We’re thinking…

  • Pacific Northwest (Seattle + Portland)
  • Florida
  • North Carolina
  • Texas

Where should we go, that I haven’t gone before?


Big thanks to Smartwater and Popsugar for this amazing gift. We are so excited for this opportunity. :)


Ms. Giggles Fall 2014 Fashion Essentials

September 15, 2014

As fall rolls in here in Minnesota I can’t help but think that soon I’ll be wearing oversized sweaters and warm leggings with my favorite boots. I’ll walk into work with my cup of coffee and a chill will make me enjoy the warm coffee even more. I love fall. Here are my favorite fall essentials!


1. High-Waisted Jeggings – These from American Eagle are comfortable matched with an oversized sweater or tee.

2. Comfy T-Shirt: These cute graphic tees go great under a vest or cardigan.

3. Oversized Sweater: Talk about ulitmate fall comfy. This is perfect for an afternoon sitting at a coffee shop.

4. Boots: Aren’t these adorable? I love them. They go great with jeans or leggings.

5. Oversized Long Sleeve Tee: This tee covers the bum so you’re totally able to wear leggings with it.

6. High-Waisted Leggings: I tried these on last week and they were great quality and thick making them a great buy for fall and winter!

7. Cute Fall Blazer: This splurge is well worth it if you work in an office. It goes great with browns and blues.

8. Fur Vest: The budget-friendly trendy piece is a must this fall!

9. Circle Skirt: A perfect skirt to wear with cute tights and boots!

What’s your must-have fall piece?