I’m Addicted to Zillow {Plus Home Pin Roundup}

Breon and I have started looking at houses. I am so excited because it’s just fun looking at houses. Sure, I know that buying a house is probably a process which is stressful but I also know that I am having fun acting like I am on House Hunters. While I realize that we aren’t going to buying for a while (we just resigned our lease for the apartment), it’s a good time for us to start thinking about what we want, what we can afford, and where we want to live. B has even started a spreadsheet, so you know it’s on.

A few houses I like from my Saved Houses…

I loved the four car garages, the kitchen and living room. I didn’t like the location (right off of Highway 36), and the house feels really old.

I liked the location, the kitchen was open, and there is a big back yard. The house’s location doesn’t vibe well with B and the bathrooms are in need of updating.

Ohh.. I loved the location, size, kitchen, and overall feel of this one. The house, however, doesn’t have a garage or cable anywhere. We would have to put those things in…but i do love this one.

We have looked at maybe 7 and these were probably my favorite at the time…of course though, we probably won’t move on any of these. But it’s fun to start looking! Here are some of my favorite home pins on Pinterest! Gotta love the crazy amounts of inspiration on that site!


{Photos} California Day 2: Half Moon Bay

After our day in San Francisco, we headed down the coast to Half Moon Bay. It was quite busy (being Labor Day weekend after all), but we were determined to look at our beaches. We looked at about 5 beaches and loved the ones further down the coast but all in all, after the entire trip we decided that Half Moon Bay was just not right for the wedding. We still love the area though!

Must-Do’s in Half Moon Bay

  • Enjoy a drink and dinner at Pasta Moon
  • Grab a coffee at Half Moon Bay Coffee
  • Walk down Main St
  • If you are into golf, check out the many options for golfing
  • Take a book and blanket and relax on Pomponio State Beach
  • Get a massage at the Ritz-Carlton

Montara State Beach half moon bay

Breon at Montara State Beach


Montara State Beach - Beauty

Half Moon Bay Main Street


pasta moon lasanga

half moon bay beach IMG_0669 IMG_0671 IMG_0690

pasta moon half moon bay


IMG_0694  IMG_6812

Up next? Monerey, Carmel, Pebble Beach! Stay tuned!