DIY: Bathroom and Shower Cleaner

October 23, 2012

Do you know what I hate? Well I hate cleaning. But what I hate even more, is inefficient cleaning. So when my bathroom cleaner that I bought for $5 wasn’t doing the job. I went to Pinterest. And what did I find? The perfect, budget friendly cleaning solution to get rid of soap scum, dirty shower doors, and messy bathroom counters.

This recipe is very easy and will last you a long time. All you need is a bit of Dawn and White Vinegar.

A few Pro Tips:

  • You don’t need to microwave the mixture each time you need it.
  • When I say gentle shake, I really mean turn upside down and right side up a few time to combine the mixture. If you shake it like a shake-weight you’ll end up with a spray bottle full of foam.
  • If you hate the smell of vinegar, you might want to invest in some really strong essential oils from your local co-op or grocery store. If you really can’t handle the smell at all, this mixtures probably isn’t for you.
  • All you need to do is get your surface a little wet, spray mixture, and scrub away. It will do the hard work!


Nerdy Halloween Costume Ideas

October 17, 2012

Halloween can be a really fun night, if you do it right. If you are like me, you are a bit of a nerd and tend to obsess over making the perfect costume. Last year, the B Man and I were in New York for Halloween so we didn’t celebrate, at work or anywhere else. This year for work, the Marketing team is collaborating on a secret department-wide costume. I can’t wait to post pictures.

If you like Star Trek, Doctor Who, Totorro, all things “nerd”…then check out these ideas:

Chris Hardwick

Chris Hardwick has to be one of my favorite comedians, and of course, NERDS! He wrote the book, The Nerdist Way, and is straight up awesome. If you listen to his podcast, watch him on Talking Dead, or just like his style, consider being him for Halloween! I know if I were a dude, I totes would! **Note: Don’t forget to bring burritos to hand out to everyone.**


DIY Catwoman Costume

Does it get any hotter than tight pleather? Catwoman is all the rage this year with The Dark Knight Rises being such a hit. But she is so much more than a hip hollywood movie. Her love/hate relationship with Batman has produced many great stories. She is so badass that any lady who wants to be considered nerdy should dress as her this year.

Katniss Everdeen

Costume Idea: Katniss Everdeen

I am still obsessed with these books and any obsession = nerd! Katniss is a truly brave girl who even in a time of grave danger always thrives. To completely embody Katniss, you must be quite, collected, and yell “I VOLUNTEER” all Halloween. I don’t make the rules.

9th Doctor

I really only know one Doctor and so far, I love him. If you are already a whovian, consider halloween this year as the ninth doctor! If you have never seen Dr. Who before, it’s time. Turn on Netflix, grab some popcorn, and press play. Then you’ll want to be the doctor!

Star Trek

Star Trek

I love Star Trek, and while I am more of a Next Generation girl, I love the outfits of the early 60’s! This DIY outfit would be perfect for someone on a budget.


What is your idea of the perfect nerdy costume?

5 Fall Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

October 5, 2012

One of my favorite things about fall is the fun activities one can have in Minnesota. There is so much cuddling and cider being had at our residence, that I thought I would pass along this fun list of ideas. Give one of these a try this weekend!

  1. Have a movie/TV marathon night – whether you’re into Star Trek or Lost or Arrested Development, sit down with your honey and grab a nice hot apple cider and a blanket.
  2. Head to the Apple Orchard for some apple picking, hayrides, and other fun activities. If you buy apple cider there, when you get home you can do #1!
  3. Enjoy a nice morning at the farmers market. Use Trello to create your list and meal plans for the week. Don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee while your there to keep warm!
  4. Fall colors drive + picnic: Grab a salad or make some sandwiches, maybe grab a bottle of wine or some beers and spend time driving through the towns you know have beautiful fall colors.
  5. Grab tickets to your favorite local band or artist. One of Breski’s favorite activities is shows (the above photo is a local favorite, Brianna Lane).

What are some of your favorite date night activities?


What to Wear: MN Bloggers Conference

September 19, 2012

Figuring out what to wear to a conference can be quite difficult. Some people want to be comfortable so they can take in all the information, while others want to “dress to impress.” I say, you can do both!


Ladies Conference Looks - Fall 2012



Men's Conference Looks


Tips for the MN Bloggers Conference:

  • Bring a note taking device: A notebook, tablet, or computer will work but my personal preference is a notebook. By writing my notes I am remembering what is being said twice, by hearing and writing it!
  • Bring your business cards: I can’t stress this enough. You will meet a lot of people and you will want to make sure they remember you! Bring your cards or other “remembrance” device!
  • Enjoy the conference: The reason you are reading this blog today is because of that conference. Take in what the people are saying and enjoy the day!

What do you think is appropriate for conference-wear?