This Week With Ms Giggles


This week was good and we finally released the Weight of the Union, yay! Plus it was Valentine’s Day and B and I went to Salut for dinner. I had Steak and mashed potatoes and creme brûlée for dessert! NOM!

What I rocked at this week? Workouts! I did my 4 workouts. YAY! Next week, 4-5 workouts

What I sucked at this week? Eating well. I ate like crap especially on V-Day. I am the typical “give me what I want, when I want it” eater and that just can’t stay.

What I will do better next week? Eating healthy lunches and limiting sweets. I have a tendency to hit up the candy dish in our office too much. Once that’s gone I will see if I can get grapes or something. Little changes.

What I accomplished this week: 

  • Watched a lot of TV: Revenge, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead….The list goes on–is this an accomplishment? Sure.
  • Pitched the Weight of the Union. And got pick up here, so far.
  • Uploaded some of my designs to Dribbble. Still need to do more.
  • Enjoyed some Me and Julios in Hastings for lunch on Friday.
  • Finished another project for Prescribe Nutrition. Love those girls.

Some of my favorite stuff online this week:

Pins and Pics

Here are some awesome pics I took this week plus pins from pinterst I adore!

Enjoy your week!



Designing the Weight of the Union

Over the last month, I have been working with a team at work to produce this infographic. This is the third edition of The Weight of the Union report. This year, we took a different approach. We looked at the macro view of the country in comparison to other countries.

Did you know that we are the wealthiest country in the world, but we aren’t healthy. Bloomberg rated the United States #33 on their “healthiest country” list. Sad, right?

Well enough chit-chat…here is the infographic. Enjoy!

Weight of the Union 3 Infographic

Infographic via Anytime Fitness


This Week With Ms Giggles


This week was actually really exciting. We got cable (gasp), it was Ami’s baby shower, and tonight is the Grammy’s / return of The Walking Dead!

What I rocked at this week? Planning the baby shower.

What I sucked at this week? Working Out!

What I will do better next week? Better planning! I.E: Work out 4 times (at least).

Things I accomplished:

  • Almost done with the 3rd annual Weight of the Union
  • attended a Minnebar meeting that included drinking delicious beer
  • unpacked boxes at work and moved into my desk
  • wrote and published this Walking Dead post
  • enjoyed a modern BLT made by B
  • and got a Dribbble invite from Chris Coyier!

My dribbble thank you…


Some pics from the baby shower…







IMG_4564  IMG_4538

Some other snapshots…



SnoDrift 2013 + Michigan Travel Recap

After a long drive from Michigan, we are home. We spent this weekend in northern Michigan hanging out with Breon’s mom, Linda and her boyfriend, Bob plus we checked out the 2013 SnoDrift rally. (A quick note– all photos taken with my iPhone [cool, right?])

On Friday,

We drove from Ocqueoc (where Breon’s mom lives) to Lewiston where they were hosting service and parc expose. We walked around looking at beautiful, masterpieces of rally cars in the frigid temperatures. It was so much fun to be back at the rally scene. We ran into Rob, the rally store crew, and a few other Minnesotans!




We hopped back in the truck after warming up with a cheeseburger and hot cocoa (don’t judge) to go out to the stage (race course, for you rally newbies out there). After scoring a good spot behind the almighty caution tape, we relaxed in the 11 degree weather with our awesome handwarmers. We got to see a bunch of awesome cars at our corner of the road but were sad not to see our favorite, Ken Block come through because of electrical failure [sad face]. We packed it up (as most of us were cold) and headed home to a delicious pizza dinner at a local bar.









Saturday, we

went to RadioShack and a few other places “in town” (Rogers City- which is gorgeous in the summer). We had breakfast and enjoyed a relaxing day around the house. I had some hip issues so I remained sitting the most of the day (meh). But it was fun to just relax and hang out with B’s family. We watched comedy and some movies and just had a good ‘ol time!


Sunday, is funday?

We left this morning and drove with little to no problems until after our lunch stop at about 1 or 2. We ended up driving into a snow/rain/sleet mix. That was fun. It took us extra time to get home and it was not ideal driving conditions. But guess who powered through like a champ? Not me! HAHAHA (oh you)! Breon was the rock star. He drove through this crap like it was no big deal…in a Ford Fiesta! He showed them who the real rally driver was. I guess he got his own little SnoDrift in this weekend!


Well that’s all folks!

How was your weekend?

Let me know in the comments below!