5 Fall Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

One of my favorite things about fall is the fun activities one can have in Minnesota. There is so much cuddling and cider being had at our residence, that I thought I would pass along this fun list of ideas. Give one of these a try this weekend!

  1. Have a movie/TV marathon night – whether you’re into Star Trek or Lost or Arrested Development, sit down with your honey and grab a nice hot apple cider and a blanket.
  2. Head to the Apple Orchard for some apple picking, hayrides, and other fun activities. If you buy apple cider there, when you get home you can do #1!
  3. Enjoy a nice morning at the farmers market. Use Trello to create your list and meal plans for the week. Don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee while your there to keep warm!
  4. Fall colors drive + picnic: Grab a salad or make some sandwiches, maybe grab a bottle of wine or some beers and spend time driving through the towns you know have beautiful fall colors.
  5. Grab tickets to your favorite local band or artist. One of Breski’s favorite activities is shows (the above photo is a local favorite, Brianna Lane).

What are some of your favorite date night activities?



MN Fashion Week: The Shows

This week, I decided to attend one of The Shows put on by MN Fashion Week. I have loved Christopher Straub since Project Runway and was really interested in seeing a runway show of his. Plus there were two very impressive other collections by Nicole Larson and Lindsey Hopkins. Here are some of my favorite looks (I got a little creative with some of them):

To see the whole collection, see my set on Flickr!


McDonalds: Love and Hate Relationship

As I was driving home tonight I saw a McDonalds sign and instantly thought, “that sounds good.” But then right away I thought, no that is bad for me…I don’t need that right now.

Sure many of you could say to me that I can find healthier alternatives at McDonalds and while you are right the alternatives aren’t what I want from McDonalds. I want my McChicken meal with a diet coke. And usually I also want a hot fudge sundae. Why would I order the thing I don’t want (a salad) instead of the things I want? Even though I know it’s healthier.

So what do I do? I keep driving knowing that I can eat something both healthy and tasty at home.

I don’t know a time without McDonalds. Ever since I was little, McDonalds has been there. We used to go there every once and while when I kids. I have good memories. My weight does not.

They get a lot of crap from the media for being “unhealthy” along with a lot of other adjectives. And while I do agree they aren’t the healthiest, it is us (the consumer) who makes the choice to eat there. So don’t blame McDonalds for your weight gain. But they do a great job of making me hungry just by seeing their signs. And for that I just do everything in my power to resist going in or driving-thru.

Do you ever have to play two roles in your head?

photo credit: Thomas Hawk


MN Blogger Conference Recap: Part 1

This past Saturday was the 3rd Minnesota Blogger Conference. I only attended the first half of the day (had to leave after lunch) but I met some really cool people and enjoyed listening to the speakers, especially Lauren Melcher. I have been going to this conference all three years and it is a favorite of many in Minnesota.

The day started out with pastries and fruit which were both very good! I enjoyed meeting some ladies from MagnetStreet Stationary in the morning. I said hi to Mykl Roventine, my favorite social media guy. And took my seat for the morning welcome announcement.

After the announcement, I attended Lauren’s session, Behind the Scenes: Brands and Blogger Relations Programs.


  • Engage influencers as a strategic and creative discipline – one that starts with a relationship based versus transactional approach.
  • Think about this:

Are the things you are tweeting, posting, and photographing the things with which you’d like to be identified in a search online?

  • Blogger relations program opportunities are unpredictable

Make yourself easy to find and contact
- klout
- traackr
- google

Professionalism is key

Brands are looking for ROI

Best to be an active participant (not a passive observer)

To the brands out there: Give a blogger a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you’ll get impressions better than ads!!

Did you go to #MNBLOGCON? What was your favorite session?


J.Crew Looks for Less

When I think style, sophistication, and quality, I imediatley think of J.Crew (well at least where fashion is concerned). They make quality products and thus charge that way for them. I love J.Crew but I can’t afford to shop there (damn you student loans)! Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I find the pieces I love on their website and try to find them (similar) yet cheaper.

This outfit is perfect for the end of summer when it is still warm, yet you don’t want to put away the color. The yellow is attention grabbing and the sweater is classic. I just love it. If you are like me and are on a budget, save yourself $527 dollars with this J.Crew look for less!

J. Crew Outfit

Top: Old NavyCapri Pants: LoftNude Pumps: Michael Antonio