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Ms. Giggles Loves the Beach

March 13, 2012

And you know what this means? We are in Florida, baby! Enjoying the beach. Love ya! <3, Amanda (aka- MS GIGGLES)

What to Wear to Your First Job

February 16, 2012

After college all you are looking forward to is getting a job and starting the next phase of your life. And getting your first job is a huge success. With this new job, you will most likely need more professional clothing. Even if your workplace is casual (like mine), you will still want these essentials in your closet for the business meetings and other events.

What to Wear to Work: Essentials

Work Wear Essentials

– Laptop Bag
– Comfy Heels
– Blazers (2) – Black & Speciality
– Nice Pair of Jeans
– Black Pants
– Brown Pants
– Pencil Skirt
– A Nice Blouse
– Simple Tee

What to wear to work: Casual Friday


What to Wear to Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011

Whether you are going to a casual family thanksgiving or a fancy smhmancy shin-dig, these two outfits will help you get on the right track. I love dressing up, but since my family is casual I will probably be going with something from the former! Where are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow?

Casual Style

Casual Thanksgiving Look


Formal Style

Formal Thanksgiving Look


Are you wearing anything special tomorrow?