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Current Status: Hacked and Busy

April 21, 2013


Hey guys.

I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything and there are two reasons: hacked and busy. I have been working my butt off trying to fix my site over the last few weeks. Someone from Anonymous hacked it. I don’t know why they would come after my little website but they did and I was very sad. I am just glad that they didn’t get my database because I didn’t want to lose all of my hard work! Alas, they did not. And now I will be backing up my website often! Special thanks to Breon for helping me out (I still don’t understand databases).

If you are a blogger or have a website, I highly recommend backing up so that you don’t have to start from scratch which is sorta what I decided to do (minus using my old database).

Little Ms. Busy Pants

And on top of all that nonsense, I have been extremely busy. I have been working full-time and doing a lot of side work with design and websites. I am currently working towards opening a boutique design co here in the cities which will start out small and then hopefully grow. I am super excited because I love doing branding, design, and really, anything creative. I hope to work with bloggers, local businesses, and entrepreneurs who need a brand that will take them to the next level.

Anyways other than that, I haven’t been doing a whole lot. We leave for london in a month which is really exciting and I have a list of fun stuff I want to do there but if you have any ideas, you should let me know. Anyways, it’s time to get back to work! I hope you have a lovely week!