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Summer Bucket List Recap

September 10, 2014

If you live in the midwest, than you know that summer is a sacred time not to be wasted. I sometimes get caught up working or watching TV and didn’t want that to happen this year, so I created a summer to-do list in June! Well, now that fall is arriving, I thought I’d show you how much I actually accomplished.





Go to the State Fair

state-fair2 state-fair1

Go Up North (ELY)


Photo Safari (I did a mini safari)

2014-07-17 18.10.27-2

The photo above won me a grand prize of a trip for 2 to anywhere in the U.S…. so that’s pretty much AMAZING!

I didn’t accomplish all of it because in the middle of the summer, we (umm…) decided to buy a house!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

So now we have a totally new adventure to work on for the next, well, 30 years! More to come on the house!

What fun things did you do this summer?

Why You Should Create a Summer Bucket List

June 2, 2014

Last fall, I created a “bucket list” or things I want to do during that particular season. I did this because there were so many activities that I love to do during fall. But the same goes with summer. And because MINNE-SNOW-TANS cherish summer so much, I intend to do the same thing with this precious season.

3 Reasons To Create a Summer Bucket List

  • It’s easy and keeps you on track with things you want to do.
  • Posting it on social media will keep you accountable for actually doing it rather than sitting inside on the beautiful summer days.
  • It’s just plain fun.

Instead of sitting inside like a lump on a log (stolen from my parents), I intend on doing a lot of outdoor activities…so the weather better be good. Here is mine:

Summer 2014 Bucket List


What’s on your summer bucket list?

how to create your travel bucket list

September 19, 2011

Traveling is one of my favorite (and most expensive) hobbies. And sometimes I like to think about all the places I want to go, especially when watching a movie like Eat, Pray, Love where the colors are so vivid and the scenes are realistic and just plain beautiful.

So whether you want to go to a beach in Bali, or to the Grand Canyon, you need some sort of list. You can pull from this list when you actually have the cash to go on vacation. Or you can stare at it and count-down the days until your retirement. Either way, this will be your travel bucket list.

My travel bucket list is growing and I am always open to suggestions because, really I just want to travel everywhere and anywhere. Like come October I will be in Washington D.C., Boston, Cape Cod, and New York City. This is one of my first ‘real’ journeys east and I am very excited about it.

To create your bucket list:

1. Create a google doc/ word doc titled Travel Bucket List

2. Create seven sections for each continent

3. Type all of the places you can think of that you want to go

4. Use google maps, national geographic, and other travel sites to get inspiration.

5. Share the heck out of your list. You might find a facebook friend that also wants to backpack Europe (eehemm–oh excuse me), and then you can do it on the cheap!

Check out my bucket travel list!

The list:

Charlevoix Region. Quebec, Canada
Amazon Rainforest Brazil
Dalarna Sweden
Lot Valley, France
Kitzbuhel – Alps, Austria
Olympia, Greece
Copenhagen, Denmark
Maldives, Indian Ocean
Komodo Island, Indoneisa
Great Barrier Reef, Austrailia
New Zealand
Warsaw, Poland
Oslo, Norway
Lake Geneva, Switzerland
San Diego, California, USA
Portland, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
(this list is always growing- do you have any additional for me?)

Is there something specific you like to do in each town you travel to?
I love going to Farmers Markets.