10 Awesome Pop-Culture Halloween Costumes

October 20, 2014

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because of it’s general fun’ness. :) Yes, that is a made up word. But as I struggle every year to come up with cool and unique costume ideas I realize how awesome this holiday is. Here are just 10 fun pop-culture halloween costume ideas for you. Enjoy!

1. That girl you wished you wouldn’t have started a conversation with at a party

Halloween Idea 2014 - SNL That Girl

If you haven’t seen this segment on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update…stop what you are doing and watch this.

2. Tight Pants

Halloween Idea 2014 - Tight Pants

The tight pants skit on Jimmy Fallon show is one of my favorites to watch.

It’s up there with “Eww”.

3. Iggy Azalea

Halloween Idea 2014 - Iggy Azalea

I just love Iggy. Her style is a little out there for me which makes for a perfect halloween costume. Do it up!

4. Tris from Divergent

Halloween Idea 2014 - Divergent

One of my favorite characters this year is Tris. She is brave and not afraid of her fears. Wish I was like her.

5. The Great Gatsby

Halloween Idea 2014 - The Great Gatsby

This is just plain fun. You don’t even need to see the movie, just work the angle of the 1920s.

6. Fifty Shades of Grey

>Halloween Idea 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A fun couple costume! Just bring some handcuffs and a riding crop and most will understand who you are!

7. Michonne from Walking Dead

Halloween Idea 2014 - Michonne

I have to say, Michonne is one of my favorite characters ever. She is amazing and has the best weapon for the zombie apocalypse.

8. Amanda Bynes

Halloween Idea 2014 - Amanda Bynes

You know what to do.

9. Wyldstyle

Halloween Idea 2014 - Wyldstyle Lego Movie

Put on the black wig with extensions and you are set to become Wyldstyle. She is fun and goofy…so do as she would and get silly.

10. Minecraft Steve

Halloween Idea 2014 - Minecraft Steve

Minecraft Steve is the best and probably the easiest of the costumes. Head to target and grab a head, torch, and axe and you’re all set.

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Photos: Our Honeymoon in LA

October 12, 2014

So it’s been a few months but after my trip to LA last week (yes, I went again) I wanted to post our honeymoon photos. We did a lot during our time in LA so here are just a few of the fun ones.

Our first stop on our drive down Highway 1 was Hearst Castle. I would recommend the tour of this amazing property.







A quick stop in at the Google Headquarters in LA to fit the Google Glass! 




Since we were in Santa Monica, we stopped at the pier and beach.




I love doors… my favorite thing to photograph.


We did the Warner Brother’s tour. Below is the midwest town setup.


and the Friends couch!


The Gilmore Girls Gazebo






We decided to do an overnight trip to San Diego and on the way stopped at Bruxie, a waffle sandwich shop (AMAZING).





After returning from San Diego, we went downtown LA to the artist district and did some shopping.




Toured the Unique Space (a co-working space in LA).



We seriously had a blast. We went to a few comedy shows and a taping of @midnight too. Literally it’s a haven for comedy so if you want to go see someone – go to LA!


On the Road: Ms. Giggles LA Packing List

October 3, 2014

My friend and co-worker, Ami and I, are leaving bright and early Saturday morning for the Adobe MAX conference. And I don’t know about you but I have tendencies to overpack. However, after a month long trip to Europe in 2010…I have nipped that habit in the bud!

Since we are in full fall weather in Minnesota and LA is still in the 90’s, I’ve had to pull out a few pairs of shorts for this trip and man, a little part of me is excited.

Ms. Giggles Six Simple Packing Tips

  1. Research the weather. If you only do one thing do this. It’s probably the most imperative part of packing.
  2. Every top has to match every bottom.
  3. Bring only 2 cover ups (jackets, cardigan, blazers) and those should match the majority of what you’re packing.
  4. Bring only half of what you think you need.
  5. Remember, you can re-wear pieces.
  6. OMG, SHOES. Only bring essential shoes. Don’t bring a pair unless YOU KNOW you’re going to wear them.

Visual LA Packing List


Enjoy your Friday, lovelies!



Ms. Giggles Plays Minecraft With Breon

September 30, 2014

Last night, Breon and I recorded our game play on our new home server, Breon and Giggles Minecraft Adventures.

I like playing Minecraft (doesn’t mean I’m good) but don’t usually make the time because of other responsibilities.

Now that we have a fun server, we’ll both try to play weekly. I thought I’d share our first episode from that gameplay! Enjoy.

Thanks for watching!