Holiday Printable: Gift Budget Worksheet

November 15, 2014

This time of year is amazing but my inability to keep my budget in check, is not. I want to buy the best gifts, the most memorable, you know? I tend to think I didn’t get someone enough and then buy more, overspending along the way.

However, this year I’ve put myself on a strict budget so that I will be less likely to overspend. I’ve also set deadlines in my calendar to get certain things done before December 1st (wish me luck). Here is my budget worksheet that you can download, fill out and print! It’s pretty nifty!

Here’s to a relaxing holiday season.

Gift Budget Worksheet



Download the free holiday budget printable!


Fall Favs Playlist

November 6, 2014

My music tastes are so ecclectic. One minute I’d love to listen to Postal Service and Alexi Murdoch only to want to listen to Iggy Azelea and Girl Talk the next. I love music.

This playlist is my chill mix, it’s perfect for a fall evening or during the day to focus. Enjoy!


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My Fall Favs Playlist

  • Nat King Cole – Autumn Leaves
  • We Are The Willows – Picture
  • From Indian Lakes – The Bells
  • Ed Sheeran – Tenerife Sea
  • Alexi Murdoch – Through The Dark
  • Tennis – Dimming Light
  • OneRepublic – I Lived
  • The Postal Service – A Tattered Line of String
  • Jeremy Fisher – Song In My Heart
  • Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats
  • Alana Henderson – Song About a Song
  • Grace Mitchell – Broken Over You
  • C418 – Impostor Syndrome

MyModern: The Beginnings of a Very Cool Home Office

November 4, 2014

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When Breon and I decided to buy a house, I have to say I was super excited about the idea of getting my own office. I’d been working off the couch for a couple years now and that’s really not fun when you’re trying to run a business.

So when AllModern contacted me to work with them, I jumped at the idea. I love their website and had already been perusing it while we were house hunting.

While my office is only in the beginning stages, with their help and the Louis Ghost chair, my office is starting to look polished and welcoming. :) Remember back when I featured the chair in my office chair showdown?


When we moved in, I bought this desk from Ikea and really started throwing everything in the room without any care in the world. But it needed to, at least, start to transition into an office.



I cleaned off the surface and added the amazing new chair to my office with the bright pillow it’s getting to where I want it. I have some more to-dos (but more on that later).

The Ghost chair is an amazing fit in any room and I especially love it in my new office. It really brings out the modern feel of my soon to be bright white office. I can’t wait until it all comes together. And I can’t think AllModern enough for helping me bring out the modern in my office design.


all-modern-after-louis-ghost-chair2fall-allmodern-mymodern-campaign louis-ghost-chair start-of-ms-giggles-office

Products List

Future Office To-Dos

  • Buy and hang prints
  • Buy shelves and/or bookcase
  • Buy closet organizer for craft supplies
  • Rent wide angle lens to shoot house (my current lens just doesn’t do the job)
  • Purchase floor lamp (room lacks light at night)
  • Create inspiration wall
  • Hang chalkboard
  • Paint trim white
  • Paint closet doors white
  • Paint walls white

Stay along with me while we have some office fun!


Originally, I had thought about making a reading nook in my bedroom with the Ghost chair. While I loved it, it worked much better in my office (i’m selfish). Here’s a quick look at how that turned out.



Pillow | Blanket | Table | Pouf (sold out) similar | Book: Redeeming Love | Candle

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10 Awesome Pop-Culture Halloween Costumes

October 20, 2014

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because of it’s general fun’ness. :) Yes, that is a made up word. But as I struggle every year to come up with cool and unique costume ideas I realize how awesome this holiday is. Here are just 10 fun pop-culture halloween costume ideas for you. Enjoy!

1. That girl you wished you wouldn’t have started a conversation with at a party

Halloween Idea 2014 - SNL That Girl

If you haven’t seen this segment on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update…stop what you are doing and watch this.

2. Tight Pants

Halloween Idea 2014 - Tight Pants

The tight pants skit on Jimmy Fallon show is one of my favorites to watch.

It’s up there with “Eww”.

3. Iggy Azalea

Halloween Idea 2014 - Iggy Azalea

I just love Iggy. Her style is a little out there for me which makes for a perfect halloween costume. Do it up!

4. Tris from Divergent

Halloween Idea 2014 - Divergent

One of my favorite characters this year is Tris. She is brave and not afraid of her fears. Wish I was like her.

5. The Great Gatsby

Halloween Idea 2014 - The Great Gatsby

This is just plain fun. You don’t even need to see the movie, just work the angle of the 1920s.

6. Fifty Shades of Grey

>Halloween Idea 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A fun couple costume! Just bring some handcuffs and a riding crop and most will understand who you are!

7. Michonne from Walking Dead

Halloween Idea 2014 - Michonne

I have to say, Michonne is one of my favorite characters ever. She is amazing and has the best weapon for the zombie apocalypse.

8. Amanda Bynes

Halloween Idea 2014 - Amanda Bynes

You know what to do.

9. Wyldstyle

Halloween Idea 2014 - Wyldstyle Lego Movie

Put on the black wig with extensions and you are set to become Wyldstyle. She is fun and goofy…so do as she would and get silly.

10. Minecraft Steve

Halloween Idea 2014 - Minecraft Steve

Minecraft Steve is the best and probably the easiest of the costumes. Head to target and grab a head, torch, and axe and you’re all set.