Why You Should Create a Summer Bucket List

June 2, 2014

Last fall, I created a “bucket list” or things I want to do during that particular season. I did this because there were so many activities that I love to do during fall. But the same goes with summer. And because MINNE-SNOW-TANS cherish summer so much, I intend to do the same thing with this precious season.

3 Reasons To Create a Summer Bucket List

  • It’s easy and keeps you on track with things you want to do.
  • Posting it on social media will keep you accountable for actually doing it rather than sitting inside on the beautiful summer days.
  • It’s just plain fun.

Instead of sitting inside like a lump on a log (stolen from my parents), I intend on doing a lot of outdoor activities…so the weather better be good. Here is mine:

Summer 2014 Bucket List

Summer 2014 Bucket List

What’s on your summer bucket list?

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Wedding Weekend – Part 1

May 29, 2014

Two weeks ago (holy crap), I wed my bestie and love Breon in a ceremony overlooking the ocean. It was spectacular. But let’s start at the beginning.

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Bright and early, my mom and I left for Carmel. We traveled a day in advance of everyone to get grocery shopping and misc. errands done. Upon arriving in Pebble Beach (that’s where their house was), we checked into this amazing house…


We quickly got adjusted sat outside in the nice dry heat (90 degrees) and made our lists. We then proceeded to spend hours shopping for the essentials. After shopping, my mom made a quick dinner for the both of us (thanks, mom) and we put together the welcome bags (more on those later).


I promptly rose at 6:00 am (Thanks Pacific Coast time)! I continued more lists and prepped to check into our house in Carmel. With the welcome bags in the car, my mom and I drove to TJ’s, ACE hardware, and Safeway before heading to Carmel.

Oh. My. God. 


The views were breathtaking. Upon opening the front door, you’re welcomed to a wall of windows overlooking the most beautiful scene of the Pacific Ocean. Waves were crashing in the distance and, I kid you not, there were seals playing within earshot. I was in love.



I put the welcome bags in place, took my computer out to the sun porch and finished some final emails. I made lunch and ate out on the deck with nothing but the sounds of the ocean!


After lunch, my dad, step-mom Patty, and step-siblings Jack and Claire arrived and had the same reaction I did. We walked down to the “beach” (which is a bunch of rocks on the ocean level) but that didn’t stop them from jumping in.

2014-05-15-15.00.44 jack-claire

We mostly relaxed and enjoyed the house. We left and stopped at a deli before heading to the beach for our first group get-together: the Beach Bonfire.

Beach Bonfire

In case you’re wondering, you can have beach bonfires in Carmel, CA. I had difficulty finding other locations in Northern Cali (maybe I didn’t look hard enough). You can set up a bonfire on Carmel Beach and enjoy the fire into the dark. We loved it. Some of us cool people even made s’mores. The best part is you can find firewood at most of the grocery stores and they have easy to use styrofoam coolers for beverages.

Breon had taken his mom, her boyfriend Bob, and his cousin Steve into San Francisco for the day. I hadn’t seen him until he arrived at the beach. We kissed and watched the sunset with our families. It was awesome.

2014-05-15-20.00.48-1 2014-05-15-20.02.13

Stay tuned for Friday, Saturday, and the HONEYMOON! :)


#30daysofdresses 2014: Time to Join In

May 25, 2014

I’m very excited to start this challenge again this June. I have bought 3 new dresses (like I need any more, right?) and am very excited to wear them daily for June.



If you think you need a million dresses (or 30) in order to complete this challenge, I’m here to tell you that you do not. The first year, I mostly used skirts…which can be paired with different tops and cheap dresses from Goodwill and H&M. Other ways to make the most of your wardrobe/shop on a budget…

  • Goodwill: I often shop Goodwill about once or twice before #30daysofdresses to see if I can find anything worthy. I found a cute Express dress and an anthro skirt this year. BONUS! Check out your local goodwill during your lunch break this week for good deals.
  • Old Navy, Target: Old Navy has great sales on dresses! If you go tomorrow (Memorial Day) the entire store is 50% off! Otherwise they usually have a ton of dresses for $15 – $30!
  • Borrow: Don’t feel like you have to buy everything… know someone who is your size? Borrow a few dresses for June. They won’t mind.
  • Pull from the archives: Find some of those dresses that you haven’t worn forever…bridesmaids dresses, etc. You can class them up with pearls or dress them down with a jean jacket.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to use the hashtag on social #30DaysofDresses during June. If 30 days is too much, do what you can. 😀

Dresses (Left to right):

H&MDorothy Perkins, House of FraserOld Navy, Alberta FerrettiDorothy PerkinsEtsy DressModcloth, Tulle Skirt




What I Read + Loved This Week

May 11, 2014

As I am in final prep for the wedding, I’m trying to keep calm by reading my favorite blogs. Instead of keeping it all to myself, I thought I’d share some of what I read and loved this week!


  1. A bag I would really like to make (Poppytalk)
  2. Right after Memorial Day, I am going to set Summer Intentions (Pencil Shavings Studio)
  3. Great tips on simplifying your office space (Beginner Beans)
  4. This adorable nautical shirt is only $13!!
  5. Fun wedding placemat roundup (Oh So Beautiful Paper)
  6. This roundup gets me excited about my destination wedding (Mint Blog)
  7. I love all of these freebies (Bargain Babe)
  8. $500 Whole Foods Giveaway – Should last you at least a few trips. :)
  9. A garlic bread recipe that I have to try (Decor 8)
  10. 8 easy workspaces (SF Girl By The Bay)
  11. I want these purple TOMS… NOW!