What’s Been Going On

April 1, 2014

Long time, no visit. (sad face, I know). But, listen, I’ve got a full-time job, a freelance business, and a wedding to plan so LAY OFF MAN! Just kidding. You know I love you!

Any ways, thought I would give you some updates…since that is the least I could do.


Work – Anytime Fitness

  • I’ve been putting together our blog content strategy for the past few weeks for 2014 (late I know)
  • Working on the April and May editorial calendars
  • Helping our design team with a couple little side projects
  • Planning our 2014 Christmas party for the corporate office

Freelance – Lemon & Lapis

  • Launched: Ojibwe Forest Rally website redesign
  • Working on finalizing my own logo and business cards
  • Starting to design my own portfolio website (even though the one I have isn’t that bad)
  • Plus working on a few misc. projects for clients


Photo by Kyle Matteson


Working on coming up with little details like…

  • Decide on decor for both wedding ceremony +reception
  • Picking out music – first dance, walk down aisle, etc.
  • Figuring out vows
  • Meeting with our officiant via Skype to do some pre-marital counseling
  • Planning the wedding weekend
  • Figuring out what we’re going to do for food and drink for the reception
  • Designing the wedding invites, RSVP cards, maps, and envelopes
  • Picking out wedding bands



  • Working with Ami and Erin on a super secret special project that is soon to be announced…
  • Check out Ami’s blog she has an infographic giveaway going on!
  • Reading Orange is the New Black
  • Snuggling with B and Senjo.
  • Eating healthier – limiting gluten, dairy, sugar as much as possible after taking one of my client’s (Prescribe Nutrition) programs.
  • Lululemon Warehouse Sale – I got early VIP access and decided that I didn’t much care for it. More on that later.




So…as you can see… I’m a little busy. Please be gentle on me. Once the wedding is over and everything has calmed down. I will make more appearances here.





Looks for Less: Calypso St. Barth Resort Outfit

February 27, 2014

As I plan for the trip/wedding to Carmel, I can’t help but direct my eye at Calypso St. Barth. I just love their stuff, but I just can’t afford it. So instead I hunt down similar styles from their lookbook and find cheaper alternatives. And if I am doing the leg work, I should just share it with you, right?

Resort Wear Outfit For Less


Calypso St. Barth Spring Muse Outfit

Open Cardigan | White Cami | Linen Pants | Sandals | Necklace

$867.57 savings!

What store/website do you love to drool over?


Mara Mi: A Must Stop For Stillwater Shopping

February 24, 2014


Recently, my two favorite co-workers returned from a trip to Mara Mi. They swooned over how beautiful the store was, how they wanted to buy everything, and how (haha) they did. After showing off their new papier, I knew I must venture to Stillwater.

After the 30 minute drive from my house, I arrived at the beautiful shop. It’s location is supreme, right on Main St in downtown Stillwater! Upon walking in, I knew I was in designer’s heaven. Wow.



You walk into a coffee shop that transforms into a paper shop. It’s like my own version of heaven. I walked in and purchased a vanilla latte, my favorite and drooled over their delicious looking cake pops and ice cream!


Then I proceeded to walk around, wanting so badly to pick up and purchase everything. I made my way over the russell + hazel section, the reason for my visit. I picked out my first binder and paper. I knew that I needed a new system to keep track of Lemon & Lapis + wedding planning!




I spent about 1.5 hours in that store and feel like I could’ve spent more sipping coffee and soaking up the immense inspiration.

My Favorites from Mara-Mi

marami3 marami1

One thing I do know, is one day I will be back to work there. :)



My Future Office: Searching for the Perfect Furniture

February 23, 2014

I have big dreams of some day having a beautiful office with clean, white furniture and bright pops of color coming from fragrant flowers, big giant letters, and fun office supplies. Clean design always brightens my day and I think that creating a space where I can get into that mindset with ease is important. While I await the day that studio comes into play, I will at least have the ability to plan my future office in our future home.

Right now, Breon and I live in a one-bedroom apartment in St. Paul. This apartment is amazing…but…for our sake (and puppy dogs) we really want more space, a house to be exact.

A yard for sen to run around in, a kitchen with room to move, and space for B’s projects. Not to mention, a space for my own. I’ve never really liked living in an apartment and miss houses dearly. We both can’t wait to find the perfect house.

Click image to view larger. 


While we wait and look, I have started crafting in my mind what I want rooms to look like.

What do I like? Don’t like?

I thought the easiest one to start out with is my perfect, ideal office.

While the moodboard below does show specific products, I am not really focused on the specific products, but rather the overall look. So here is what I’m thinking for my office.


Inspiration: 1 /// 2 /// 3

Next up? The living room!



Bucket Lists Help Me Focus – Here’s Mine

February 7, 2014

My life has always been planned in my head: go to college, get a good job, get married, have babies and travel. All things I love and want to do.

This year, I will be 27. TWENTY-SEVEN! I know to some that seems young, but I always had it in my head that all would be accomplished by now. Bonus: I am getting married this year to B! Woot <3!

I started writing my bucket list when I was in high school. I saw my dad and step-mom, Patty writing theirs, so I thought I would do one too. It’s long. You’ve been warned.

So even though this year I will be 27, I know that I have done a lot with those 27 years. And even more to come…

Check out my bucket list.