MN Blogger Conference Recap: Part 1

This past Saturday was the 3rd Minnesota Blogger Conference. I only attended the first half of the day (had to leave after lunch) but I met some really cool people and enjoyed listening to the speakers, especially Lauren Melcher. I have been going to this conference all three years and it is a favorite of many in Minnesota.

The day started out with pastries and fruit which were both very good! I enjoyed meeting some ladies from MagnetStreet Stationary in the morning. I said hi to Mykl Roventine, my favorite social media guy. And took my seat for the morning welcome announcement.

After the announcement, I attended Lauren’s session, Behind the Scenes: Brands and Blogger Relations Programs.


  • Engage influencers as a strategic and creative discipline – one that starts with a relationship based versus transactional approach.
  • Think about this:

Are the things you are tweeting, posting, and photographing the things with which you’d like to be identified in a search online?

  • Blogger relations program opportunities are unpredictable

Make yourself easy to find and contact
– klout
– traackr
– google

Professionalism is key

Brands are looking for ROI

Best to be an active participant (not a passive observer)

To the brands out there: Give a blogger a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you’ll get impressions better than ads!!

Did you go to #MNBLOGCON? What was your favorite session?

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8 thoughts on “MN Blogger Conference Recap: Part 1

  1. Jamie H

    Hey, you quoted my tweet! I feel special now! :) It was a really good session and was great to hear from a marketing perspective since I only hear from the blogging perspective.

    1. amanda Post author

      It can be hard to figure out the right way to contact people and even talk to them. I see both sides- so sometimes it is even harder that way.

    1. amanda Post author

      That is awesome. I have loved the conference ever since it was at CoCo- I would love to do some sort of meetup to meet everyone since I had to leave early!

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  3. Lauren

    Thanks, Amanda! Great photos, and I love that you even snapped some video. I’m glad I met you at breakfast and that you enjoyed the session! Hope to run into you again next year.

  4. Mykl Roventine

    Such a great encapsulation of the event! Your photos are just breathtaking too. I can’t wait for Part 2. And thanks for the shout out. I’m still blushing. You’re my favorite social media gal.


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