Mara Mi: A Must Stop For Stillwater Shopping


Recently, my two favorite co-workers returned from a trip to Mara Mi. They swooned over how beautiful the store was, how they wanted to buy everything, and how (haha) they did. After showing off their new papier, I knew I must venture to Stillwater.

After the 30 minute drive from my house, I arrived at the beautiful shop. It’s location is supreme, right on Main St in downtown Stillwater! Upon walking in, I knew I was in designer’s heaven. Wow.



You walk into a coffee shop that transforms into a paper shop. It’s like my own version of heaven. I walked in and purchased a vanilla latte, my favorite and drooled over their delicious looking cake pops and ice cream!


Then I proceeded to walk around, wanting so badly to pick up and purchase everything. I made my way over the russell + hazel section, the reason for my visit. I picked out my first binder and paper. I knew that I needed a new system to keep track of Lemon & Lapis + wedding planning!




I spent about 1.5 hours in that store and feel like I could’ve spent more sipping coffee and soaking up the immense inspiration.

My Favorites from Mara-Mi

marami3 marami1

One thing I do know, is one day I will be back to work there. :)


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2 thoughts on “Mara Mi: A Must Stop For Stillwater Shopping

  1. Katie

    I wandered through there on a girls weekend and love it! If we were really thinking, we would have some kind of blogger meet up there and get some solid creating done!


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