2014 Goals and Aspirations

January 5, 2014


Life has a way of just flying by. A recent quote made it ever so clear…

Days may drag on but months and years, they fly by.

When I look at how busy I (and everyone else in the world is), I think how I need to slow down and actually think about what I want in 2014, strategize if you will. But more importantly, what do I want this year? So I crafted a list of 2014 goals and aspirations. I want to document them here for all to see. I will most definitely need your help with some of these. I will, in turn, help with anything I can in your life!

With work, freelancing, a new business, and getting married, 2014 is going to be crazy! And having some focus on what I want to accomplish is important to me. Here is my ‘bucket list’ for 2014!




Some of my hopes…

  • Enjoy a relaxing wedding day and reception
  • Continue to travel as much as possible

  • Do more of what I like, less of what I don’t like
  • Document my bucket list on my blog
  • Purchase a kick-ass house
  • Host a Cards Against Humanity party
  • Run another 5k
  • Buy a new car, preferably a Subaru with AWD (All Wheel Drive)

Stay tuned for more about the ongoing results of my 2014 goals.

What are you do you want to accomplish this year?

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  • Reply Katie January 6, 2014 at 10:01 am

    I also want to lose weight, but I prefer to track it by what activities my body can accomplish. So I’m hoping to complete my first triathlon, and I’d like to track my running/walking miles to reach 500 by the end of the year! Also, I’m focusing on the word “peace” because it seems like sometimes we get so wrapped up in crap that we can’t see that what we’re stressing about doesn’t actually matter in the long run.

  • Reply Leah January 6, 2014 at 4:31 pm

    I’ll join you at a WP event !

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